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12 volt cooler?

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  I long ago decided that the 'blue ice',artificial ice...will keep an insulated cooler cold far better than the powered boxes. The 50 to 70 watts consumed by most powered boxes is just not worth the cost....many small dorm refrigerators with motor/compressors are far more full size fridge only requires 140 watts.

I just made a cooler for camping, took about 10 minutes. I used a 10"H, 12.5"w, 19"L cardboard box, cut off the top flaps and lined it with pink foam insulation (1.5" lid, .75" sides and bottom). The coolant will be frozen water bottles. By design it is a throwaway.

richardr: is full of people using the ARB electric cooler and they work great. They can be plugged into a cigarette plug / power port, but many prefer to add a beefier plug and more complicated wiring to prevent accidentally drawing down your main vehicle battery. But they work just fin in a simple config. Downside is they can be pretty expensive. Crazy $800-1000 kind of expensive.

I use a simple no-brand 6-pack plug in cooler, a peltier heat exchanger design, which both cools and heats. It works real nice and IIRC was well under $100. But no room for a family trip worth of stuff.

There are a couple brands in between those price ranges, but I don't know anything about them.


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