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Spaghetti Dinner

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I find the INSTANT potatoes  ,mashed,cubed,or scalloped all make good medium storage staples to add to spaghetti sauce or chili..,.and yes even good with the sausage gravy.
Pasta,spaghetti,instant rice,instant potatoes ...all good BASICS.

Sounds like you've got a good start there Adam.  I fall in and out of prepping as I become busy with daily life.  It's starting to slow down for me again as the summer winds down and trips are becoming less frequent. 

Something I like to make a lot is stir fry, grab whatever meat is on sale with some of your favorite veggies and cook them up.  It comes out best if you cook the meat first then remove from the pan/ wok while you cook the veggies.  Then throw the meat back in at the end.  I jumped on the scale last week and found I was back up to the heaviest I've ever been (195 for a 6'2" guy isn't that bad, but I should be closer to 180.  My gut would fit in my shirts better that way) so I'm going to try and hop back on the paleo train for a while so a lot of stir fry is in my near future although I'll minimize or cut out the intake of rice with it.  I've found carbs to be the thing my body really likes to pack into its stores. 

I like keeping frozen veggies on hand for stir fry, but they often get freezer burned by the time I go to use them which is pretty disappointing and canned veggies are often too soft for my taste.  Maybe I just have to come up with a better way to store the frozen veggies, I'd hate to repack $1 worth of veggies in food saver bags though.  Anyone have any suggestions for storing frozen veggies? 

David in MN:
Great thoughts. I have some planned menus for a SHTF situation. Besides your pasta plan (which I wholeheartedly agree with) I have a few ideas of my own:

Hummus. This is a gimme. Besides traditional you can make an "Italian" version with cannellini beans and roasted garlic.
Salad Nicoise. Not a perfect variation without the green beans but add some herbs to potatoes and sardines and you're in the hunt.
Thai Green Curry. You can make a basic one with spices and coconut milk. Add fresh or canned veggies and serve over rice or potatoes.
African Peanut Stew. It might seem wrong to combine peanuts, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes but this delicious stew is all storable foods.
Risotto/Paella. Rice and stock. Infinite possible additions.
Split pea soup. Another all-staples pantry soup.
Key Lime Pie. Lime  juice, sweetened condensed  milk, egg yolks, and graham crackers. Survival dessert?

These are just some easy recipes to throw together from the pantry. In all honesty I'd live on a lot of bread. I love to bake. But if you start to critically examine a lot of favorites you can find great dishes with small substitutions.

I know a great spaghetti recipe. Often I cook it for dinner.

How To Make Filipino Spaghetti

Try to cook for this recipe.

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Spaghetto on June 20, 2019, 01:49:19 AM ---I know a great spaghetti recipe...

--- End quote ---


Gosh, I was thinking that Spaghetto must really like his spaghetti, since he posted this link in 7 different threads.

But then Shrimpallo joined the forum 24 hours later, and I could see that he was already sharing his Hunan Shrimp recipe on other forums in inappropriate locations. 8)

Anyway, Spaghetto and Shrimpallo are no longer with us, and if anyone notices Linguino or Craballo or Frankfurto or Pancakio or Filetmignonio or Reconstitutedfreezedriedpotatio posting links to, please hit that Report to moderator button and let us know.

But I'll leave this one recipe link, because it looks kinda tasty. ;D


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