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awesome study aid


Alan Halcon:
This is how i passed my exam. I missed only one on the exam and was the first to finish the test. It took me 4 minutes to get through the test. I give this study aid all the credit. I just kept taking the practice exams until i was consistently in the upper nineties.


My 9-yo is doing the same thing.  I'm using to learn the Extra.

Tactical Badger:
Another good one....

I studied the question pool and used the QRZ practice tests for about a week for my tech test.  The day I was to go in to test I decided I might as well try for General also as it doesn't cost any more to try the second test in the same session.  I reviewed the General question pool and took a few practice tests and was barely passing three out of four.  After five hours of study it was time for the tests.  I blew through the Tech test and the General didn't seem much harder.  I missed only three on the General.

At least for me the question pool and the practice tests are great.  When the test results say "Schedule your test today" it really means it.


I got my technician license with about a week of on-off doing practice tests and questions. The actual test cost me $14.

I read through this (free) study guide:

I then used this website: It has a section where you basically run through flash cards.  If you get the answer right, you go to the next one.  If you get it wrong, it tells you the right answer, then you hit next to go to the next question.  In a few days I was consistently getting them mostly right, so I went to the practice test section.  I did practice tests for a day or two (maybe 2-3 a day; 20-30 mins each) until I was passing every time, then did another few tests a day on and off for the next week (I had two weeks to study before the next available test) until I was getting 0-1 questions wrong on the test.  The questions on the test are identical to those in this study guide.  I crushed the test! 

If you make an account it will track your progress and let you know what sections you need work on. There is an iPhone/iPad friendly question section (click the iPhone site link, then select your test type).


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