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  The antenna specific tuners for a certain radio works with the radio to speed up tuning. As I tune up and down the band the tuner adjusts the coils and caps even before I transmit. This is because it knows where my radio is listening and it goes through it's memory to look for a previous match. When you transmit your right there.
  I've used fan dipoles for years. The best all band one was from Germany. The wires were 49 feet and 51 feet long I think. It gave you about 200 ohms on the 5 HF bands 80 - 10 meters. I found it in a copy of 73 magazine. I like it for Field Day. With a 4 to 1 balun my impedance is 25 to 50 ohms. 

 I want to up date the fan dipole I wrote about. I found it again in the March 1975 issue of 73 Magazine. Pages 126 and 127. The wire length is 55 feet for one dipole and 40.5 feet for the other. This is as a flat top. You will have to change the length a bit as an inverted V antenna. Remember you need to use a 4 to 1 balun on this one. 73.

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