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Making Your Own Wild Food and Chicken Stock Bouillon Cubes

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Well that is just cool. We always freeze our stock in ice cube trays, then pop into gallon freezer bags. It helps with measuring and cuts down on waste. I know how many cubes make a cup etc.

We also make spice packets for "homemade ramen" that we use when we are on the trail or whatever outdoors. We just use the "Better Than Bouillon" powder, well actually we use the store brand, but the damn powder stuff. Using a bakepacker, some dry peppers, cheese powder, ramen noodles, and a spice pack, I can make a mean Trail Tetrazzini.

if you had a vac sealer and took the ramen bricks, and a couple of these and made you own packs of ramen with healthy soup base instead of powdered death you would have one hell of a lunch item.

Outstanding idea +1 for that one. THANKS!

very nice, never done it like that before, site looks really good btw ;) I did have a question on the cubes, I assume you could add % salt like the stock to make it even more shelf stable?

Texas Sawduster:

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If anyone is interested, a cool way to preserve food is to make your own bouillon cubes. Sure you can buy some at the store but nothing can beat what you can make at home.

In this case I also use wild food (free and organic).

The cubes can last for a very long time and I use them as soup stock when making soup in the wilderness with wild edibles.

I've posted a step by step tutorial on my web site:


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I did not know that Stinging Nettles were good for anything except causing pain when working the fields.   :(

Citizen Zero:

This is some really good information. Thank You for posting it.

Any thoughts on how long the bullion cubes would last if properly vacuum packed?


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