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Power Hungry State Cop vams van full of children.

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Spamity Calamity:

--- Quote from: Bailey on February 08, 2009, 12:46:51 PM ---    I am not sure if that's what you are looking for, but it would be hard for me to accept the title of this post" Power hungry  state cop rams van full of children"

--- End quote ---

Heh Heh well I started the thread and Im pretty biased toward cops. Ill put you down in the "one of the good ones" category though.


    I have 7 yrs patrol experience and I go in today at 3P. I agree with Bailey that it is hard to arm chair another officer based upon the video presented.

   You don't see the driving behavior prior to the activation of emergency lights. I would want to know exactly how fast they were traveling. I would want to know why the driver didn't pull over when the officer tried to initially stop him. I have been in this situation before where you can't get off the road all the way due to snow pack on the shoulder. I have always stopped the car and then asked them to pull over at the next exit if I felt we were in danger from other traffic. I agree with Bailey, I'm not sure that was a PIT, If it was i don;t think she had enough room for it, however the speed would be ideal.

   I don't think I could give anyone a call on this one without more facts. I have seen good calls and bad calls in my career bot in person and in training.

  I do agree with taking him into arrest at gun oint due to his aggressive response when exiting the van though. That's what i would have done, and have. On most stops you have no idea who's in the car old man driving home, gang banger, teenage kid, man wanted for homicide, or a guy driving his kids home from a New Years party.  again just my .02 cnets

Spamity Calamity:

--- Quote from: Bailey on February 08, 2009, 04:34:18 PM ---Thanks

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lol im just giving you a hard time. I know you cops have to go through a lot of bs on a daily basis that the public never hears about. but i disagree with you on this incident. I think that the officer did the wrong thing with that lame 10mph pit maneuver and I dont think simply yelling at a cop for being a jackass (and I think this cop in the video was well into jack ass territory) is any reason to pull a gun. And yeah you can say "Well she went back to her training." well then fix the over militarized, over aggressive traiining.

Although I think ramming the car was excessive (but on further inspection I can see how it could be that because of the ice they slid into it and not rammed it), I assert that it is that aggresive training that allows those men and women to return to their loved ones night after night.


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