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I agree. I have plenty of experience in a few of the categories and would be willing to share info, if anyone wanted. In other categories, that I have selected to work on for this year, I would love the companionship of learning along side other newbies or to have the occasional experienced person drop by to offer insight and encouragement.


--- Quote from: tracksol on December 06, 2012, 11:43:59 PM ---Would it be possible to add the capability to add members as friends or become part of a team so that you can see each others' skills and possibly work on them together?

If not, something else that would work would be the ability to tag a member as a favorite and then you can access all your favorites from you account settings.

Thanks for the work you do with the podcast, this site and the overall community.

--- End quote ---

Yes!  Alternatievly, maybe some way of linking or favoriting a person and then following sort of like twitter.  It would be very good to follow someone learning the same skills, particularly if the person is blogging/writing/posting information about their journey in perfecting a particular skill. 

Another good idea would be to create a section for members to list blog or thread links for each skill.  Since the system is already set up for that, a way for people to search for others developing the skill and using the links feature would be useful.


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