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Josh the Aspie:
Ouch.  Yeah, the loss of life really is not encouraging, and I apologize if I made your frustrations worse.

Maybe some constructive knowledge-sharing will help?  What is reverse 911, and how do you get it?

I remember back in '07 when California was on fire. I was working the fire lines and there really is nothing you can do. I hope the weather starts agreeing with you guys there man. I'll keep you in my prayers.


--- Quote from: Josh the Aspie on June 27, 2012, 01:21:00 AM --- What is reverse 911, and how do you get it?

--- End quote ---
Reverse 911 is a system that allows local officials to make a mass outgoing call for an emergency message.  While the hard lines in homes are relatively easy to do it with because they're fixed to an address, the fact that more and more folks have cell phones as their only phones makes the system much more complicated.  In my county you can register up to ten numbers to your address and when they call for an evacuation the call goes to your cell phone.  Unfortunately, most people aren't even aware they can register their phones and the system isn't perfect.

Earlier this year there was a fire south of me where the reverse 911 call went out at the very last minute and they estimate that up to 40% of people in the area didn't get the call.  Three people died in that fire and everyone wanted to blame the county, but all three had called 911 to report the fire in the first place, so they were well aware of the fire and would have been better served listening to their own judgement than waiting for a call to evacuate.  It's tragic.  It's just another example that technology cannot be relied upon for your safety and sometimes you need to exercise your own judgement in spite of what the authorities say.

Yesterday when I saw the Waldo Canyon fire blowing up on the news, I turned on my scanner.  At that point I heard the traffic about new lightning-ignited fires in my area.  With that information I called my wife and she started to hook up the horse trailer in case we needed to evacuate.  While we were fortunate that none spread (yet), I didn't wait around for a reverse 911 call to set things in motion.

I could do without the front seat view of this going on.  I have always been a bit sensitive to smoke and now it seems like I have been camping for the last few days.

From the evacuation map it looks like folks expecting FedEx packages might have a larger than normal wait.  With 32K of folks being evacuated - I would expect all the local hotels to be booked.  A neighbor up the street seem to be sheltering a family that was evacuated. 

A friend of mine is waiting to see if he is part of the next group to have bail out due to the fire.

Hey Brad, thanks for checking in.  I wasn't sure what part of town you lived in. 

This thing has turned into another monster and while I predict they'll be able to get the upper hand on the eastern front soon, the northern and western ends are likely to grow for weeks now that it's advanced so far up the Rampart.  Only significant rain is going to change thing for this fire.


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