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High Risk Severe Weather Outbreak 3/2/12

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Well I figured as this thing moves on we want to keep track of our people caught in this. I have tracked a lot of weather and chased a few storms and this one does not look great. We are in central Ky, and appear to be dead center to the projected outbreak. I will keep this posted as to what we are experiencing, and our status.

So far today we have had some strong storms, but nothing severe yet.

On Wednesday, we had a group of tornadoes move through the state, and I managed to capture this funnel cloud with my iphone. This one did not touch down, thank God, but many others did.


shoot STAY SAFE!!  Let the news fools get the pics.

Stay safe and good luck.

Wow! Cool pic. Glad you are ok. I keep hearing rumblings of bad weather in my area today too via friends. Guess I'll go watch the news and see what is up.

We were on the outer edges of the severe storms and though there were EBS blasts most of the day, we only got some house rattling thunder storms.


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