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How many amps for a new homestead? 200, 300, or 400?


Black November:

How many amps should I trench in for the construction of a new homestead? 200, 300, or 400 amps?

Building a 3000 sq ft house + 3600 sq ft heated barn + 200 sq ft well pump house.

The barn will have a shop, 1 bedroom, 1 full bath and large bar with a dish washer, fridges, kegs etc.
The pump house runs a 1/2 hp Well pump with 2500 gallon tank

Barn is 35 feet from house. House and barn are 375 ft from road. Barn heat will be Propane radiant floor throughout concrete slab.

Option 1: 200 amps for all
Option 2: 300 amps for all
Option 3: 400 amps for all
Option 3: 200 amps for house, and separate 200 amp for barn & pump house.

Electric company is Puget Sound Energy. It sounds like they don't have any additional monthly fees. They only change for the electricity used.

I know everyone will say that 400 amp is overkill, but if it is only a little extra one time fee, wouldn't it be worth considering.

If you are installing tankless water heaters, definitely go on the high side... they take up a lot of space on the panels...

Black November:
I found this:

Nice. I didn't read the whole thread, but since it started in 2012, some things may have changed.

I know that they type of breakers that are required in the panel now in our state (just finished the new build in May) are about triple the cost of those we used in our 2012 home build. Govt regulations are great, aren't they? This time around, rather than the 40 gal tank water heater, we went with two tankless heaters - one side services the laundry, master and powder bath; the other (smaller unit) services the guest bath and kitchen. We also have a small apartment separate from the main house that also has a tankless system for the one bath with small kitchen apartment.

DH also installed the generac panel with the plan to later add the propane backup generator (when $$$ available). The whole house is on LED lighting and is well insulated. We also have a well, so power to the pump is also needed. With all that being said, he had to really be careful in how he planned the breaker boxes - one 200 amp service in the apartment/workshop building - which includes power for welding, etc. - and one 200 amp service for the main house. Total of 400 amps for us.


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