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What if my tap runs dry?

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I live in a big city and get my water from the kitchen tap like everybody else, but what if water workers can't get to work (for whatever reason in a SHTF situation) to keep it flowing and the tap runs dry?
I'm only 50 yards from the Atlantic so would a "solar still" convert enough salt water to be drinkable?
I think we can buy them can't we? Are they any good?
(The nearest freshwater river is 5 miles away)

Morning Sunshine:
there are a lot of old threads from now gone members who had a lot of information on this topic.  Have you tried a search?

First off, work some water storage into your preps.  If the tap went dry today and you didn't have any water storage, it's a life threatening situation.  If it goes dry and you have a week's worth of drinking water, you have a little time to plan what you need to do and time to get any of your solutions up and operational.

As Morning Sunshine mentioned, there's some older threads about this subject.

I seem to recall that a solar still takes a lot of square footage to produce enough drinking water.  Do you have access to your roof?  If so, you can gather dew and rain.  You can also set up the solar still up there, you certainly couldn't set it up in an apartment or house.

what is is annual rainfall pattern in your area, and the area of your potential roof collection?  Run some numbers.

well, you have your dish and toilet water solved, and your washing up water partly solved.
other than storing some drinkable (and non drinkable) water, i think a pressure cooker still will desalinate your drinking needs easily.


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