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3D printers on the homestead

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That is really cool.

I've used my printer more for hobby but it's been a huge money save. A lot of board games I play have multiple chits or other components and being able to print storage solutions (like your HF case) is really nice. I've printed chip clips and even small pieces that roll my tooth paste tube up so I get as much out of the tube as I can. My printer is currently silent as I had a nozzle clog that led to other failures. One day I'll take the time to get it back up and running...

My main reason for starting this thread is because 3D printers are still seen mostly to be toys.  Even in the hobbies for the homestead thread seemed to lean that direction.  So wanted to put this together to show that it's not just a toy.

I'm using a Creality Ender 3 Pro and Cura slicer software.  I have yet to design something from scratch.  When I need something I look on Thingiverse and have always found what I need.  There are quite a few designs, like the plant labels, that use the customizer tool on Thingiverse.

--- Quote from: FreeLancer on April 20, 2020, 08:55:28 PM ---Very nice!  I'd pay good money for that if it fit Makita batteries.

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That's my favorite print so far.  The guy that designed it did a great job.  The hardest part is getting the USB port installed.  It snaps in place and it really felt like I was going to break the case.

--- Quote from: Greekman on April 21, 2020, 12:11:54 AM ---nice fritz....
want to impress the lady? print something like this

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Pretty cool, if we went out more often, I'd make that for my wife to carry in her purse.  Lots of patterns for them on Thingiverse.

I had forgotten that I printed a mask pattern for cloth masks.  I was making Olson masks for my family and friends.  the first couple I used a paper pattern.  After a couple of uses I needed a new pattern.  So I printed this one and it let me cut more layers with my roller cutter thing.

Just a couple more uses for my 3D printer.

I'm still trying to get organized in the basement.  The vast majority of what I've printed to get organized.  Here's several tool hangers.  In front is a hanger for a Ryobi Extend It string trimmer, in the middle is a Ryobi reciprocal saw, in the back is a hanger for a Stihl Kombi system attachment

The tongue jack on my utility trailer had a missing cap.  Water was getting into the gears.  I printed this cap to keep the water out.

Finally, it's garden time.  Time to print the plant labels.  The eggplant label is just white with magic marker to make the letters readable.  But I figured out how to print in different colors.  So the majority of these are white labels with the names printed in black so they won't wash off.


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