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Resilient Property Design Essentials


7th Generation Design:

Hey TSP folks!

We at 7th Generation Design just put out a new ebook called “Resilient Property Design Essentials” - Eight Critically Important Principles, Strategies, and Techniques to Make Your Land More Beautiful, Resilient, and Productive While Avoiding Expensive Mistakes - it’s totally free, and we wanted to share it with you, a community that we’ve learned so much from over the years!

After several years of designing and implementing permaculture whole-site designs for various properties, we’ve distilled down what we believe are some of the highest value strategies to bring to any property - and put them in writing to easily share with friends, colleagues, clients, and land stewards.

Here is an outline of the info covered in the e-book:

Resilient Property Design Essentials

Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  In the context of a landscape (and the projects being implemented on it), resilience refers to the ability to survive - and dare we say thrive -  in spite of the energies influencing a site (sectors) beyond the landowner’s control.

Eight of the essential design principles, strategies, and techniques we’ve identified in order to achieve this are:

Pattern your access with water in mind - the most overlooked way to save time, energy and money for the long haul when managing land[/list]
Understand energy, and don’t pay for it if you don’t have to - how to consciously unplug from the energy consumption matrix and make your life simpler, healthier, less expensive and more resilient.[/list]
Put water to work - and water harvesting and recycling is the way to start![/list]
Maximize your unfair advantage - align what you want to do with what your land wants to be)[/list]
Know thyself (and those with whom you travel) - create your minimum holistic goal, the ONE THING that makes everything else easier or unnecessary that most people never do[/list]
Avoid type 1 errors - errors that cost you time, energy, money, or emotional well-being for as long as they remain present in the system[/list]
Know your existential risks (i.e. understand Nature’s erasers in your area) - how to design your property to be anti-fragile in the face of man-made disasters and natural phenomena.[/list]
Produce something and use it, share it, and sell it - why production is the key to a healthy bottom line (i.e. passively pad your pockets)[/list]

If these strategies are well-understood and utilized when designing for and implementing a project on the land, things will only get easier as time goes on - instead of harder!

The ebook does a deep dive on these eight essentials - a 42 page deep dive, with plenty of examples presented. So please make sure to check it out before you go!

We’d love to hear how you’ve already employed these strategies on your own property, and what projects you have planned next!

With gratitude,

Wes and Casey


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