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So taking another look at this thread.  Since I've been home for the COVID thing, I've been looking at what I can make to help with the pandemic.  I've been trying my hand at some masks.  I've done a lot of digging around and found that there are many models around that make use of things like HEPA vacuum cleaner bags or MERV 13+ furnace filters.  There's also the bands for supporting the face shields. 

It's certainly not critical, but I dropped my bottle of lime juice and broke the lid.  I 3d printed a replacement.  I also had some small gears that I lost, I printed out some replacements.

Masks could become a very promising cottage industry; I've toyed with an idea for a design based upon the winter scarf. To prevent inhaling cold air the scarf funnels warm air from underneath the coat. A mask with a long tail covering the chin and neck, like the bandanas that bank robbers wore in cowboy movies, pulling the air in through garments, more filtering elements.

Sewing is a useful hobby.  Making, altering, and mending clothes is a skill not too many have these days.  I have made insulated window treatments and now I am learning to quilt, make various bags, purses, and storage containers.   I have a heavier duty home machine so I can do heavy canvas, luggage materials and leather if I wanted too. I do need to make some masks since friends are asking for them. 

Jewelry making has been useful in small metal bits and the odd repair of something.  Soldering copper pipes is easy for a jeweler.  Having a zillion different kinds of pliers is always a plus. 

Gardening is a big hobby me these days. 

I mentor a high school robotics team with my husband.  Not only are the mentors really good people but the team members are an endless supply of responsible teenagers that can be hired to watch the animals while we travel and do various odd jobs for us. 


I've been very impressed with the 3d Printing community and how they're banding together to mass produce masks and clips to ease strain on ears from surgical masks.

My main hobby is miniature painting. While not directly 'prepper' related it does help my mental state as I find it very relaxing. This year I've begun to take commissions so the monetization aspect is nice. It affords me some money that I wouldn't otherwise have. Given the current situation having skills that others will pay for outside of my job is a huge benefit to me.


--- Quote from: theBINKYhunter on April 09, 2020, 01:05:03 PM ---I've been very impressed with the 3d Printing community and how they're banding together to mass produce masks and clips to ease strain on ears from surgical masks.

--- End quote ---
There's lots of plans out there for masks, face shields and strap extensions.

Around the home, I've been using my 3D printer for a bunch of stuff.  Yesterday I did some work on the fence and the posts didn't have caps.  I printed the caps.  I'm organizing my tools and hardware.  I use those Harbor Freight storage cases that use the removable bins.  You're stuck with the size bin they provide.  I've been printing off custom sized bins.  I'm now printing off mounts to hold my power tools to the wall.  Very useful tool around the home.


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