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honda generator EU2200i

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 I asked the guy at the hardware store if this EU2200i generator that they have would power an electric drill or an angle grinder that runs at 10,000 rpm. He said it would work. I am never totally sure because I thought someone told me these types of power tools surge high when you first start them. This one is fairly quiet apparently though it is more than $1000. It's not as giant a beast as some of the other ones

I had the idea of having a generator to run an angle grinder for mushroom inoculation on logs. I suppose it could come in handy in a power outage or I could use it at my camp but I am not sure I would use it all the time.  I could also run lights, make ice cubes, recharge stuff, run fans, my guitar amp, AC or accessories on my camper. It's just another item that I am not sure how badly I need but I have thought about. It's more stuff to accumulate and take up space it sometimes feels like

Do2200 puts out 2200 wages of 18.5 amps . So look at your tools at their amp draw and add a third for star t up surge .That's your answer . It should be yes they will run on it.

It will run your drill and grinder, no problem.  I don’t think you’d ever regret owning that generator, it hits the sweet spot in terms of power, efficiency, noise, portability.

2 problems with the Honda EU2000i

First is the price.  Second is it's hit or miss if it will run an RV A/C unit. 

I couldn't justify the $1000+ price, and it had to run my RV A/C, so I went with a Champion 3000 watt inverter generator.

But that is an awesome generator that will easily run your tools.  If all I needed it for is for inoculating logs, I'd go with battery powered tools.

Over all I love mine. It's insane how quiet it is, and light. I'm actually going to get a second one to run parallel so I have enough power to run the AC on our travel trailer.
The negative is that it's super picky about having old fuel in the carb. I ALWAYS have to run the carb dry or it won't restart easily. It's a common issue if it sits for more than a couple weeks.

I am eyeing this knockoff one. It's half the price, same specs, and great reviews so far.

But at the end of the day, you'll love the Honda one. They are great units.


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