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Bacteria in my well

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I have a relatively shallow bored well (43' deep, 2' in diameter).  When I returned it to service after about ...5-10 years, the coliform test came back positive.  I was getting surface water into the well bore.  I had some refurbishing done and, after another gallon of bleach, it was fine.  Six months later, I have tested it again and it again is positive for coliforms (most of which are apparently non-pathogenic; coliforms are used as an indicator species to detect when contamination is present).  I've been drinking it and haven't had any issues, but I'll shock it again--however, this will probably recur.  The concrete well casing seems to be in good shape, and the water is 27' down--which should be deep enough that the soil should filter it.  Nonetheless, shallow wells are apparently notorious for trouble on an ongoing basis.

I have a Royal Berkey that I have never set up, but which I could start using routinely. I do go through a lot of drinking water, so would cycle it frequently. Or I could drill a deep well (200' or more) into the aquifer and get what my well guy says would be organism-free, but iron-laden water.  Or do nothing  and / or shock it with more bleach periodically.  The cooperative extension service put out a piece a few years ago that suggested almost nobody living off of bored wells ever gets their water tested.

Any thoughts?

Morning Sunshine:
no.  but I will be watching this.  Wells are a mystery to me, and I want to know more (mine is 370') about their vagarities.

Add a UV filter. Not to expensive easy to install.


--- Quote from: never_retreat on May 26, 2019, 07:13:56 AM ---Add a UV filter. Not to expensive easy to install.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the suggestion--that looks like it has some potential. I do have some sediment in my water (even after 1 micron filtration) but it's minimal.  It could work (and would definitely be a lot cheaper and easier than drilling a new well).

one of my friends uses peroxide to treat his familys well


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