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Hey guys,
I live in the phoenix arizona area. I have 10 acres of land that at one time was used for alfalfa. I have my homestead on it now and am looking for a compact tractor for clearing the land annually, general farm work(i have horses, goats and chickens/turkeys) and landscaping/gardening. Does anybody have a good suggestion for a starter compact tractor?

Mr. Bill:
You might want to check out these three previous forum topics -- lots of good info and conflicting opinions! ;D

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I picked up a Kubota B2650 for my 14 acre half-woods, half-field homestead. Initial attachments were a brush hog, belly mower, front end loader with skidsteer attachment plate & bucket, and a brush grapple. It has been a perfect fit for us. We also have several Kubota dealers in our area, so it made the decision easy.

I use my buddie's LS on my property when I need one. It's a nice piece of machinery. I think it's the jx2025, and brand new, was only $16k with attachments. His property is mostly a pretty steep hill, and it goes up and down that great. I think it's 25hp.
My other buddy just picked up a real nice John Deere, same size, for $25k. I don't see the $9k difference. I'll definitely look at LS and Kubota in the future. If you don't need 4wd, an old Ford would be great for you.

Goat tractor. seriously. They'll nibble everything they can reach down to a nub. That includes tree branches.  Then just re-deploy their pen. Plus you get free fertilizer everywhere.


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