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we have an offer on the house. red flags?

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Do you have a status update?


--- Quote from: lovebug6133 on January 09, 2011, 11:02:46 PM ---Do you have a status update?

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I am interested in hearing what happened, too.  I hope it worked out well. 

Morning Sunshine:
it drug and drug and drug.....

on the Thursday before Christmas: "I have the money, but no title companies are open tomorrow, so how about Tuesday?"
on Tuesday: "oh, sorry, we got distracted.  We have a bank statement that proves we have the money.  we'll get it to you"
on that Friday "here is the statement." which, btw was NOT a statement.  it was a paper from the "company" listing assets (that were in awfully round numbers)
and then, not another word from them.  Their agent, it sounds like, is getting as frustrated with them as we are.  she told us we can get the earnest money anytime we want.  hubby is willing to sit on it and wait for them, but I would rather get it now and if they are still interested later, they can pay another 500 (or 2k for the trouble they are  :P)

so the house is still for sale.  we had a few showings while they were dithering.  We had one yesterday, in fact.  It'll come.  The Lord told us to move and sell the house.  so either that means that the house will sell, or it means that there is a grander plan than I can see right now.  (and some of you might think I am justifying in my beliefs, but I do believe in a Creator who loves all of His children and guides us for our good, and sometimes for the good of others.  And I am willing to back up that faith with action)

Thanks for the update.  It's a shame that it is dragging out so long.  But you have the perfect attitude!  It will work out. 

sorry to hear about that, MS. I was hoping it would all work out for you. If the same buyer comes back later, I'd definitely increase the pain for him backing out. (higher earnest money deposit and the option to keep on showing the house and accepting offers).


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