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Title: Sick i doing enough
Post by: JEggle on April 13, 2018, 02:25:29 PM
New goat owner.  Bought him a year ago.  Havent had any issues until sunday.  He just wasnt his normal feisty and loud self.  Thought it could have been because of the weather, off and on rain.  Monday active, but subdued, tuesday was the same.  Havent noticed much, just that he spent more time in bed.  Wednesday moved him to a new location.  He was actively eating dandelions, but didnt put up his normal fight going into the pen.  Daughter made a comment that she t thought he was dying so I decided I should probably do something. Google different things ended up at Tractor Supply bought la200 gave him 4 cc sq.  Tried to give him a probiotic and I also gave him electrolytes in his water and he drank probably three quarters of a gallon.

 went out this morning and he was very lethargic I got him up gave him 5 cc's of la200 and checked his eyelids for color. I watched YouTube videos last night of checking eyelids for worms his eyelids for very pale looking. Went back to TSC , got ivermec and did 2.5 cc's in his mouthwash, plus got some probiotic in him. 

Hes pretty bloated today.  He hasnt been eating.  Ive been giving him hay cubes and a general feed pretry much since i got him. Not sure if i need to keep up the la200, which is an antibiotic or not.  Plus everything is labeled for cattle, and i see different amounts listed for dosing goats.  Anywhere from 20-35 lbs per 1 cc, once every 3 days to twice a day for 5 days.  Grr..

Anyways any tips or advice would be great.  Thanks
Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: Carl on April 13, 2018, 03:12:16 PM
  I just sent word to a friend ,maybe she can help.
Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: mountainmoma on April 13, 2018, 11:42:40 PM
You need to take his temperature, get a better symptom picture.

There is a remote Vet help site on facebook, here is the link

make a post describing syptoms, what you have done, then go read the files on that facebook group page to see what you can do while you wait. This site only has actual vet's who respond, and one moderator, no one else can, as they found that there is alot of inaccuracies on the internet.

Generally you want to know what the temperature is of the goat
Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: mountainmoma on April 13, 2018, 11:47:14 PM
When you describe your goat, you should say

- if this goat is a buck (intact) or a wether(neutered)
- what his temperature is
- what you normally feed the goat, and anything he could have gotten into he shouldnt have
- Symptoms, including if he is peeing and pooping, and if these look normal
- age of the goat, not just how long you have had him
- Has the goat  been immunized ? An exposure to other goats, sheep or deer that could have transmitted disease
- body condition ? ( weight) skinny, overweight ?
- Check him for lice
- Condition of his coat: shiny, dull, fading of color, normal, thinning (losing hair)
- Check over his body and hooves, feel along and look for any sore spots, injuries, lumps
- Checking the eye lid color is good thing to check
- Write down any changes lately to the goats environment and feed, if there are any.

neutered male goats that are fed grain can get a urinary blockage, not saying that is what you have, but you see there are many things that can happen so do see if he is peeing, or straining when he pees. Goats can eat something bad and get poisoned, etc.... so you need to talk to a vet either virtually on the facebook page or in person. Last july, no one was available and I had to drive one of our does 3 hours to the University vet school clinic

Generally hay cubes are not the best feed long term for rumen health as the fibers are short and chopped up, he would just need hay, and no grains (no goat pellets) and have a loose mineral and clean water.

A goat would only get bloat if it ate what it shouldnt have, typically too much grain -- goat "feed", pellets, are grain, they can have too much of this. The couple times I had goats get into the feed can, and get bloat, I had to have a vet come out

The above is a general list to think about to figure out what is wrong, if your goat actually has bloat, or not peeing, then that is the BIG issue, and not checking for body soreness, etc...

Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: mountainmoma on April 14, 2018, 12:13:46 AM
urinary calculi and obstructions file
Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: mountainmoma on April 14, 2018, 12:21:31 AM
before he got more sick, did you check his hooves ? How often do you trim them ? 

Goats should not get wet, so he is inside when it rains ? They are not like horses and cattle, they cannot just be out in the rain, they get chilled and sick from being wet easier and I had one die of pnemonia years ago.
Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: mountainmoma on April 14, 2018, 10:23:53 AM
Let me know how your goat is doing, I hope you can get ahold of a vet and pull thru this.

About goat feed, commercially made feed is either for meat goats or lactating does. Meat goats can eat alot of grain based feed as they are killed for meat before the year is up. One of my kids had a market goat for 4H and the fair one year, and he was ramped up to almost all his food from commercial feed as fair time approached. but, he was less than a year old when he went to market. The milkers have a ration of commercial pellets to increase milk supply, but dont need to, they can also just be fed alfalfa, but being pregnant all the time or being milked does take a higher protein to stay in condition. There is a fine line to walk in what to feed to support our needs vs ideal goat health. Goats rumens were not built for commercial feed (pellets of grain/soy), so it is a supplement to keep condition if they are getting too skinny or to push higher milk production, but that isnt ideal for their health, we are the ones wanting the extra milk. So, the commercial bagged feed is meant for those 2 populations and is not meant as a long term feed for pet goats.

Make sure to have loose minerals available every day, along with hay (grass hay for a non-breeding buck or a wether), and clean water.
Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: JEggle on April 15, 2018, 11:33:09 AM
Thanks mountainmoma for the advice and help.  Joined the vet site on facebook.  Will use it next time I have a question.

Update is he is better.  I didn't give him the antibiotic yesterday.  Bought hay and minerals and dumped the pellets.  He ate some of the hay, not much, but its his only choice atm.  Looked less bloated yesterday, even better today.  Today hes up and around.  I tried to look him over and hes more feisty, almost back to normal. 

Title: Re: Sick i doing enough
Post by: LvsChant on April 15, 2018, 07:40:10 PM
+1 MtnMoma... you were a huge help!

@JEggle: So glad your goat is better...