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I'm sad to see the forum go.  :'(  While I haven't posted much, I've enjoyed reading the posts.
Sad to see it go, but I am one that drifted mostly away...  :-\
General News / Re: The Jeffrey Epstein Tail
« Last post by iam4liberty on October 22, 2020, 11:24:03 AM »
They released the deposition but redacted all the names!
Epstein’s ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell Accused of Sending Girls to His Powerful Friends

Four years after her confidential deposition in one victim’s lawsuit, Maxwell’s answers to under-oath questioning provide a deeper look into Epstein’s trafficking ring ahead of her criminal trial scheduled for next year.

On Monday, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the unsealing of Maxwell’s 2016 deposition from a now-settled defamation suit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims Maxwell and Epstein trafficked her to powerful men for years. When a notorious photo emerged of Britain’s Prince Andrew with his arm around a young Giuffre, it revealed Maxwell grinning in the background.

It was Giuffre who claimed Maxwell dispatched her to give massages to Epstein’s pals, whose names are redacted in the deposition. In other documents from the same case, Giuffre named many men in the trafficking ring, including hedge funder Glenn Dubin and Prince Andrew, who have both denied the accusations.
General News / Re: Well known Intel organization predicts massive depopulation
« Last post by surfivor on October 22, 2020, 11:10:28 AM »
 It's not that they are accurate but they are predicting it because they believe it to be true or various elites want it to be true. They manipulate the economy and use bio weapons to that end or for experimental purposes towards that end. The manipulate something and then observe the reaction from the public etc. In that way it doesn't suffice to show they have been successful, only that they are working on it using various ideas and experiments. Jack seemed to admit there is such attempted manipulation and many people now believe such things.

 The CIA and others seem to take many of their orders from some type of shadow government
I willhave to say that the idea of losing the forum does not chime well with me, but that's life

but I will be frank...I have gone through 5 or more such forum changes in my net life, and the rebirth was not the same..
something is lost in the transition and interest drops.
Maybe it is the disruption of the daily habits, I guess.

Anyway..I will be logging in the mewe group right now,
I hope i find you all there!
General News / Re: Well known Intel organization predicts massive depopulation
« Last post by Mr. Bill on October 22, 2020, 09:35:09 AM »
Is this forecast predicting massive global depopulation until 2025 legit?

Quote has been predicting a drastic reduction of the population of the United States for the better part of a decade. While their previous predictions are not available on their website, The Internet Wayback Machine has been cataloging the page since 2007.

Prediction Date         Prediction Year       Population        Actual
December 2008           2017                  323 million(1)    325.7 million
------------------ END 2017 PREDICTIONS --------------------------------------
April 2009              2020                  271 million       331.0 million
April 2010              2020                  264 million       331.0 million
August 2011             2020                  248 million       331.0 million
------------------ END 2020 PREDICTIONS --------------------------------------
June 2012               2025                  187 million
May 2013                2025                  182 million
July 2014               2025                  88 million(2)
October 2014            2025                  69 million(3)
August 2015             2025                  65 million
October 2016            2025                  61 million
August 2017             2025                  54 million
May 2018                2025                  100 million(4)
August 2020             2025                  100 million(5)(6)

Dates and Predictions of Note
(1: This is the only prediction where the population increases from the current count)

(2: First recorded instance where the prediction is sub-100 million.)

(3: Note explaining their predictions first appears on the bottom of the page)

(4: First recorded instance where the prediction has gone up from a previous prediction)

(5: goes through a UI overhaul, and the note mentioned in the question and referenced in note 3 of this chart disappears for unknown reasons)

(6: Current prediction as of 24 August 2020)

...They start with the assumption that any numbers released by the United States Government is a lie, and work from there. This conveniently allows them to ignore any data provided by official sources that conflicts with their results, a hideous combination of No True Scotsman and Cherry Picking. ...
Well it was a telegraphed punch but I am sad. I came here after I lost my corporate job and was putting my life back together such that I'd never be in that horrible position again. In doing so I've worked through some hard times, seen the highest highs, and shared it all with people who were positive. Mistakes were made and I'll freely admit my verbiage was at times regrettable but that was the exception.

Along the way too many people came into my life. Whether that was Cedar giving me advice on Canadian folk music, Carl posting about a new light, Smurf helping me zero a rifle, or Freelancer helping zero in on the best SAK the connection was real. I really like knowing that my mundane stuff like repairing tools, keeping the old tractor running, and keeping the maker flame burning when you're beat is shared. That's a tip of the hat to Red and Stwood; keep on rocking it and know there's a guy in MN turning a wrench too. There are so many others; too many to name.

Those who have been around a while know forum members have seen many life changes for me. I've had a child, lost a grandmother, seen my brother in law deploy twice, had a big family crisis, and had to rebuild my house from storm damage. That with the everyday stuff.

I hope I've provided some value, too. I like to think I can cook quite well and manage money better than most. I've tried not to let the Zerohedge negativity creep in: I think I only let the specific bear come out three times (GE, Boeing, and the curse of my soul Bitcoin) and I hope on all three accounts I helped save money for others. These are hard topics.

I'm rambling again but since it'll be one of my last posts I assume it will be forgiven. Maybe I'm waxing poetical on the zeitgeist I always perceived here but the gemeinschaft was something I valued. Shit, the German philosophy is creeping in. I'll miss you all and when this ship is retired I'll raise a glass of Ardbeg An Oa. Good Scotch.
ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: The final days of The Survival Podcast Forum have arrived (probably)
« Last post by Fixit on October 22, 2020, 06:36:53 AM »
My problem is I run old tech. Things like need want even load. I just don't see the money to to spend hundreds of dollars every few years on new tech. Need just isn't loadable on my iPad 2 or this old fire tablet.
not good news; what else do I read at 3am when I wake up at the wrong time.

Tripwire / OSSEC  and it's ilk would be help ID files that are new to the party.

The few times I needed to access the members brigade area have been thru this portal.

Sad news, I figured with no news on the server move something was a foot, or with more than one website, something a feet?

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