Author Topic: Ultra-Llight, Portable, Packable Strop - For Any Edge Geometry  (Read 5014 times)

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Ever needed to sharpen your convex ground knife (or really, any other edge geometry as well) in the field but didn't have something to do it with? The solution is below and so light that you can throw it in your backpack, BOB or whereever you want.

I started with an old leather belt and started adding some stropping compound (black).

I used the candle to heat up the compound and the leather to make it go on more evenly. I began with the rougher side of the leather.

When I got done with the black compound, I added the green compound to the other half of the belt and also left a bit of smooth leather at the end for a final polishing strip. I stropped up my tried and true Frost Mora ( using the belt and did the "paper test" with stellar results.

Check out the tiny paper curls. You can shave with it effortlessly.

I did the same stropping compound application to the other side of the belt which in turn gives you six different stropping textures and grits (two green - rough & smooth -- two black rough & smooth as well as rough and smooth plain leather). You can lay the belt out on a table or loop it around any small object (such as a tree out in the field) and hold it horizontal for stropping.

The pic below is of the belt and my JRE Industries Strop Bat ( which is an awesome product but a big chunk of solid oak and way to big and heavy for a backpack, BOB or whatever you carry in the field. JRE makes a field strop as well, but I had this old belt lying around and decided to make my own.

Strops are not for putting an edge on your knife, but they do a great deal of good for keeping the edge razor sharp before and after use. I have found that most tasks I run into the field do not require the use of a stone or ceramic and that a strop is ideal for getting the sharpness I need. Enjoy, YMMV...

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Re: Ultra-Llight, Portable, Packable Strop - For Any Edge Geometry
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2009, 12:52:23 AM »
thanks haloblue,

DIY posts like this are awesome. This was nicely done, good info, good pics, and money saving all in one post. Excellent!

Good job +1

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Re: Ultra-Llight, Portable, Packable Strop - For Any Edge Geometry
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2009, 02:13:17 AM »
Great idea!

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Re: Ultra-Llight, Portable, Packable Strop - For Any Edge Geometry
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2009, 03:41:46 AM »

I'm 49 years old and finally know what the strip was that my barber had hanging off the chair in 1965 to keep the edge on his straight razor.