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The DW and I were walking through Wally World a few days ago. Whilst filling some holes in the food preps, I was perusing the canned vegetables, I spied some small cans. They were slightly larger than a tomato paste can and had pictures of various veggies. I examined them and they were "mini" cans (average size was 8 1/2 oz) of vegetables at the same price that the regular (12 oz)cans were a few months ago.
I thought inflation was under control  :D

Possible mis-priced?  Have you see the shrinking size of ice cream containers from 2 quarts to 1.5 quarts with the price remaining the same?

It does seem that prices are staying the same or increasing & portion size is dwindling.  I've noticed this several times the last couple of years while grocery shopping.  We used to buy 50# bags of dog food for $23, now it's 40# bags & the price has gone up to $27.  It's going to get worse too. 

I was so pissed tonight I actually took pictures of it and was gonna start a thread on them then found your comments. I went to Wallyworld and stocked up a few days ago. One of the items I bought was 20+ cans of albacore tuna for a $1.09 which I thought was a good price. I stopped by our local Bi-mart which had Albacore tuna on sale for .99 so I thought hey I'll get some more. When I got home and was putting the Bi-mart cans on the shelf with the Wallyworld's I instantly noticed a size difference in the cans. The Bi-mart brand was alot bigger can having 6 ounces. Walmart's were only 5 ounces. I will post a picture, Damn those Walmart bastards....

Sadly its already called the 'Grocery Shrink Ray'. It's been happening for quite some time. :(


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