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Ep 70: Stored Food Gives you a High Return on Investment

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Jack, I was curious about changing out Vegetable oil for Olive oil.  Wife and I never use Vegetable oil for anything anymore.  If we were to choose an oil, it would be olive.  Just don't know how well it stores.


If you leave it sealed and keep it from getting over 90 degrees it stores as well as anything.  The issue with olive oil is when you fry or saute to hot with it, it produces toxins that normal veggy oil doesn't.

So it will store very well but should be used at the end or cooking not as a primary cooking oil if you want to get all the healthy benefits of olive oil and none of the dark side.

Interesting, I did not know that.  A quick look on google found this:

See, I don't make all this stuff up,  :P

Did not think you did at all. Wanted to get more information on how hot it has to be, etc. Thanks Jack!


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