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On Campus Prepping For College Students

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oh, i know. lol.

i was thinking this morning living in a dorm can present more difficulties, obviously, than home or even apartment prepping specifically; space. i'd advise against trying to store lots of "food." Rather i'd consider the datrex/ration bars over cans or MREs (or at least completely MRE). i'd split it about 60-40 (give or take) datrex and MRE (or even more to the ration bar side) respectively. keep in mind this also depends on the size of the bars you get. i've seen some of those bars that are about the size of a big mac (bulky but lots of nutrition) and others closer to a protein or candy bar. i say this because of space issues, if you can find a good supply of the smaller bars AND have the knowledge/ability to trap, the bars and MREs can be saved and rationed out only when necessary. i say to keep MREs as well because they contain at least some water, much like cans over dehydrated and at least taste half ok.

besides a bug out plan, cash and food, obviously a need for defense is there.

for instance, my school just went to a COMPLETELY weapon free campus. we're not even allowed to carry a pocket knife. what they don't know... right? i carry my knife, my chain wallet (loaded with all kinds of heavy stuff that's good for swinging), my keys on a carabiner which also happens to hold and old falstaff can opener (nice for gauging) and small led light, an aluminum pen light (which i can use as a kubaton style weapon for striking, pressure point/pain compliance techniques or joint manipulation), and i carry OC spray. in my car i carry a machete, a hatchet, "broken ax handle" and head that way if i ever get a random search i don't have any weapons in my car, they're all tools. lots of defense i know, but i still have to make it home no matter what happens; riots, emp, zombies, aliens... whatever.

but, as far as defense in a "defenseless" area i think the best thing to have is a knowledge of improvised weapons, remember it's a mindset not a thing, don't think for a second i won't stab a shooter in the throat with a pen or try to crush his esophagus with a textbook and situational awareness, just keep an eye on the news and weather, keep an eye out for people following or eyeballing you, ESPECIALLY if they don't look like they're students.

but maybe that's a little over the top since things like that ever happen, right? i mean, people don't REALLY get killed, kidnapped raped or beaten on college campuses, right?

about two weeks ago we broke for lunch from a night class, a group of four or so were ahead of me and one girl (cute, about 5', 100 lbs) was about forty yards behind me. out of habit i checked the scene looking all around and noticed a car with two guys who "didn't quite look like college material" (take that how you will) they slowed WAY down and were watching her and talking back and forth. i immediately slowed down myself to let her catch up as i turned to check on the car they turned left (after that the only way to go was back in our direction). about 20 yards later they  passed us, just as we hit the cross street, and slowed down again. this time i let her pass in front of me and stepped between her and the car and stopped, that's when i noticed what looked like a third guy laying down in the back seat ( i could be wrong). my eyes met the driver's and i turned broadside to the car in a very aggressive stance.  he stepped on the gas and i stood and watched as they left campus. i haven't seen the car since.

just saying.

Another thought, and goes with Jack's philosophy, learn to cook.  It will make your life better now and will help if you need in in a crisis, personal or otherwise.  Plus, it might get you a special someone in your life. 

My EDC GOOD bag has to go through multiple security checks so I've found that carrying minimal works best for me and I can always have it with me. Snacks, fluid, para cord, and a marine radio because I work on the coast. Any second form of communication will work.

Any suggestions for a travel halfway across the country bag/trunk of a car? I go to a college that severely limits what I can and can't have in my room. It is not an ideal situation but I want to make it work. So far I have some things but I really want to improve it.
3 day assault pack
-5 cliff bars
-30oz bottle for water
-folding knife
-whet stone
-bic lighter
-8ft 550 para cord
-extra phone battery
-basic first aid kit
-$100 cash in 1s and 5s
-$30 quarters
-hiking boots
-light jacket
-100-300 rounds 45acp ammo(not until summer)
-extra mags (not until summer)
-springfield xds 45(not until summer)
-small gun cleaning kit(not until summer)
-jumper cables
-~15 bottles of water
-2 change of clothes
-400-500 rounds 45acp(not until summer)
-possible second pistol?(not until summer)
-$150 cash

I would say fill up a few washed out 2 liter pop bottles with some slightly chlorinated water for emergency purposes and keep them in the trunk of your car. These are great because they are cheap, light weight, can hold alot of water, and are really durable.


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