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On Campus Prepping For College Students

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Tommy Jefferson:
My daughter is currently 250 miles away at the University of Texas in Austin.  She lives in an apartment about 1/2 mile from where Joseph Stack crashed his airplane into that IRS building.  I worry most about her being able to get home in case of emergency. 

My temporary solution was to make arrangements for her to stay with a friend of mine a few miles north of the city until I can retrieve her.  I still don't have a good plan.  During hurricanes Ike and Rita, travel was extremely difficult due to gasoline shortages and the police contra-flowing major interstate highways.

The Coyote Kid:
Tommy, if you check the board for Region 5 we've got a thread going with ideas to prep for hurricane season. You might check there for some ideas to help your daughter. As for getting home, a good start would be for her to get a map of the area and try to find as many routes out of town as possible and mark them in case she has to get out.

Tommy Jefferson:
Duh.  That marked map should already exist, and should already be in my daughter's BOB.  It does not, but it will soon. Thank you CK.

"Top" W. Kone:
On campus. A lot should be seen as the same things that apply to small apartment planning. But many dorms have silly restrictions like no hot plates, microwaves, .50 cal rifles, etc.

I had to live in a similar thing for a while, and found that a small two draw file cabinet to be very handy. The top draw kept all my papers, reports, notes, bills, etc and the file holders covered up the .380 ACP and ammo. Since the room was small, it was right next to my bed and desk at the same time. In the lower draw I kept a hot plate and toaster oven.

My room had a sink, small stand up fridge and a microwave which is what most of the rooms at my current college have i'm told.

Next was places to put extra food. Rolling flat rubbermaid "under the bed" bins were good, I had to put little blocks of wood under the bed legs to get them to fit. Water I put in 1 gallon Hawaiian punch jugs, put them in the closet on the floor and then dropped a 1 by 8 board on top of the lids and put my boots/shoes on that. No floor space loss. I also had a small steno stove tucked behind my books on the book shelf in the room.

We were subject to random inspections of our quarters, I don't think they do that at most colleges these days.

The main trick was to make sure you had what you needed, hidden, but not hidden in a place that stood out.

Today I would take the effort to get to know the Emergency Manager of the College. Their whole job is to plan for emergencies on campus. Talk about how you're interested in the planning side of emergencies, ask about the hazards/vulnerabilities they feel the college is most likely to face and what things they expect the students to do when they happen.

This thread is great!  Thanks for everyone's input. This is just what I needed for idea's/motivation.


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