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Thanks Keith!

Hi all,

I'm currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, home of taxes, taxes, and insane property values.

Decided to get a membership and join the course after I'd explored the quantity and quality of free content Chef Keith Snow put out on his site.


Hello from Prince Edward Island, Canada
Log home on North Shore, Zone 5b.  Two greenhouses, 22 raised beds. 3k solar, partially off grid.  1.2km from pavement. 53 years old.  Long time TSP listener, since July 2009
Signed up after I found the episode, I've been out of the TSP loop a bit.  Own one of Keith's books.  Have ordered from him before but with the shipping and the CDN dollar in the toilet, hard to justify for now.  Excellent products.

Followed Keith's moves through the years, from NC, to Montana then back east. 

Hey there from SW Idaho.  I have listened to TSP and Chef Keith for a while now and super excited to join the Food Storage Feast class.  My wife and I just bought a house on .28 acres, so not a lot of land, but neither of us has had a yard before.  Last year we planted our first garden with mixed results but we are trying for more this year.  Eventually I'd like to raise quail too, but we'll take it one step at a time.  With two kids under three our budget is tighter than we are used to, so I'm really looking forward to this class and helping to get our food storage started while still making delicious meals.


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