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Posting In The Swap Meet Board


Please be aware that there is a minimum post count required to post in Swap Meet.  We did this in an effort to reduce the occurrences of folks just making one or two posts to sell their gear & then never contributing.  We're a preparedness community & family, not a quick stop for those who are only interested in making money off our members & contributors.  Hopefully this also reduces the likelihood of our members getting ripped off by someone looking to make a quick buck.

Any buying or selling needs to be completed thru the Swap Meet board.  If you post something for sale outside of the intended board & you're a member who's post count is less than the required number for the Swap Meet, your ad will be deleted.  There's no point in moving the ad as you can't access the board anyway.  

If you'd like to know what the minimum post count is to access the Swap Meet, then stick around & contribute.  Get to know the members & share what you've learned about preparedness & read what others have learned.  You might come to enjoy hanging out here. ;)

As always, thanks for contributing!

***Edited for clarification***

After you've sold your item please notify an Admin or a Mod so we can close your ad & move it to the Dead Threads board.

Hopefully this will reduce the clutter in the Swap Meet board & keep the posts & items reasonably current & easy to find.


Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: DeltaEchoVictor on May 18, 2009, 11:21:41 PM ---Please be aware that there is a minimum post count required to post in Swap Meet.

--- End quote ---


Members with at least 10 posts can now read the Swap Meet board, and respond to offers posted there.

(We haven't changed the minimum requirement for posting items for sale or wanted-to-buy.)


We are implementing a 90 day time frame for posts in the swap meet so we can keep it current and keep the board less cluttered.


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