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Broadcast AM Portable Radio Mega-Shootout

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Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: armymars on March 23, 2017, 04:21:01 PM ---Don't forget the G5-SSB from County Com.  It has an external rod antenna for AM. Small and good battery life.

--- End quote ---
By all accounts it's a fine radio.  Also down in the reviews, there's this:

--- Quote ---UPDATE: I have evaluated a prototype of an updated version [of the CC Skywave travel radio] which will be essentially the same design but will add SSB reception. When the new model is finalized and available I will update the  review.
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I really like my little Skywave, adding SSB to it would make it just about perfect.

Thanks Alan....just dropped $170 for a C Crane :)

I justified it as it'll likely be the last am radio I need to buy.

Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: chad on May 28, 2017, 12:04:32 PM ---Thanks Alan....just dropped $170 for a C Crane :)

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8)  Very cool!

I saw your other post, but not having any direct experience with them, I'd say just try AM with the built-in antenna to begin with; it gets rave reviews.

As for me, I'll suffer ( ::)) along with my Tecsun 660 & tunable loop antenna for the time being.  I'd like to try a head-to-head comparison of the two that way.

Yah I'll try the radio as is first. I read your review of the An200 antenna, I dropped one in my Amazon cart just in case.

I have horrible "RF noise" in my house, no am radio works well inside, outside there fine.

I went down the AM rabbit-hole in 2020 and decided to try as many of the current productions on RadioJayAllen's list as I could.  The surprising thing to me is that CCrane has managed to remain at the top of the heap in AM performance, after all these years. 

I've been running the CCRadio-2 daily for the better part of a decade (with an older CCRadio-Plus before that) and it's an absolute workhorse.  Just to see if anything had changed I got the latest CCRadio-3, which has additional Bluetooth connectivity, and found that the AM performance is no better than my older models.  Curious about how the much cheaper analog tuned CCRadio-EP Pro performed, I found that the reception and speaker sound performance were pretty much equal to the more expensive digital model.  However, I find analog tuned radios to be prohibitively painful for finding specific stations with the overcrowding of broadcast radio in my area.  For someone out in a rural area with few stations I think the EP Pro would be pretty easy to live with as a daily driver, but for me it's more of toy to play DX with than a tool for finding specific stations efficiently.

Take either of the CCRadios outside on any given night and their TwinCoil Ferrite antennas easily pull in Seattle 1000 miles away with minimal static that's comfortable to listen to.  They're really amazing at pulling in AM DX without having to go the external antenna route.  I've got the Tecsun tuned loop mentioned above and it really does an amazing job at bringing in those same distant stations on just about any AM radio but none I have tried it with managed to improve their performance enough to equal the CCRadios' internal antenna.

I agree with Jay Allen that the digitally tuned Sangean PR-D4W is probably as close as any other brands have managed to get to the CCRadio's combination of performance and ease of use.  It's less than half the price, more compact, and runs forever off 4 D cells like the CCRadio-2e, with just a little less performance in terms of reception and speaker quality.


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