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You may have been logged out on your first view, thus the lack of a modify button.  You should make sure you are logged in.

I've logged-out completely and then logged back in, but those original posts are still uneditable.

Honestly, I just want to edit the title of the topic in the Emergency Preparation section:
"Pantry: ready-to-eat vs. prep-needed?"

It's actually turned into more of a discussion on alternate methods of cooking (i.e. electricity is out, what do I do now?).  I wanted to modify the title so that it reflected that.  If a moderator could simply modify the title, I don't see myself needing to edit any other older items.  Going forward I wouldn't have this problem.

Could a mod change the title to:
"Ready-to-Eat vs. Prep-Needed / Alt Cooking Methods"



Wicked.  Thanks!

It's really weird that I'm having the same issue with the modify button. Yes, I am logged in. Some of my posts have the modify button and some don't. There is a post in the Emergency Prep forum concerning the "pounds per bucket" thread. I'd like to edit it to add new information. And again, yes, I know I was logged in when I checked as I just wrote this post.


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