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Is it possible to edit a topic title that I created and/or posts that I've made?  I see that some people have edited their items, but I don't see an apparent icon anywhere.  Is it a permissions issue or am I missing something?

There should be an edit or modify icon over the top right corner of your post.

I do not see an edit or modify icon. At the top right of my post, I only see an icon for Quote.
I've attached a snapshot. Hopefully it shows up.


Ahh, it only shows up after you create/post the post. I can now see it for this post. But I cannot see it on different post. What is the trigger for the Modify icon to not be available?

[attachment deleted by admin]

I can only see the quote button as well... in all of my posts so far.

Haha... well, just like the previous person, I can now see a modify button on the post in which I said I couldn't see them. I checked my previous posts, though, and they still only have a quote button in the top right.


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