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Mixed Cases?


I have a quick question can you do mixed cases. I don't really want a whole case of the same thing but would rather have it mixed. I would not mind paying the price of whatever case would be the most I just want a variety. I've seen it elsewhere but I'd rather give my money to a sponsor. Thanks

JC Refuge:
Which foods are you referring to, Sicone?

We do have a few options available with some of the foods, but for instance, Mountain House cans are generally by the case. (Except when we special order volumes of the food and custom build variety package deals periodically.)

Why do some MH or other food-brand dealers sell by the can, but we don't? Our objective across the Safecastle business is to minimize cost (overhead, warehousing, staffing, transport, etc.) to enable the lowest possible prices for our customers.

Thus we almost always have our storage foods dropshipped fresh to the customer directly from the manufacturer or distributors' warehouse. This is actually very good news for the customer as they are assured that the food they are getting is the freshest possible food and that it has been handled and stored appropriately from the time of production to their shipment going out. We have excellent working relationships with all of our suppliers, so we can often do whatever needs to be done.

But specifically in the case of Mountain House products, Oregon Freeze Dry does not dropship individual cans for dealers or mix cases.

We do have a few food sample cases listed, such as variety and sample packs of the Yoders and Werlings meats, as well as Honeyville veggie and fruit cases. And if MH pouches are OK--there are of course 72-hour kits and 7-day kits that offer great variety for good prices.

Wow thanks for the fast reply. I guess I wanted to sort of sample a product before buying a whole case and keeping it for 20 years and finding I didn't like it. I'll check out the sample packs and maybe buy single cans elsewhere and if I like it buy the case from you or cases :).


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