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I have a small (5 watt) panel that is used to keep my battery topped off and a solio thats used to keep the ipod charged and the phones topped off.

Very cool, I plan to start doing some investing in some small scale solar stuff this winter.

That small solar unit is something I want to get for my BOB.  A bit pricey and lower on my priorities list at the moment.

I was recently in west Africa. Notorious for its poor power. Using a small cam corder bag i place in there a rechargeable 12v battery (similar to the ones you get on children's electric cars from toys r us), i bought mine from maplins.  A solar charge regulation, a 12v cigarette lighter socket and a mini inverter (about the size of a light bulb), completed the kit.  I added a 10w high efficiency (small size to power ratio) panel and had the ability to run my laptop, charge my phone (sat and GSM) permanently.

Solar set up complete with asus solid state laptop (low power) and sat data terminal

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