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Dr. Ducey's Medical Relief Team Preparing for Haiti


JC Refuge:
Dr. Stephen Ducey is one of our Safecastle Advisory Board members. His bio is impressive--you can read a summary here:  Among his many roles and responsibilities, he is the Chief Medical Officer for CT-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team, and is a member of the National Disaster Medical System.

The good doctor's team is right now prepping for a mission to Haiti. He has indicated he will provide us with occasional brief updates as to how things are going. I think this will definitely be interesting and educational.

His first comments follow:

Thanks Vic. I received the med kit today (Adventure Medical Kit, Mountain Medic) and it is pretty cool. Good stuff and a lot of room for additional meds and equipment.

Got the team ready last night ... all our shots are now up-to-date. I told the team no contact lenses, no jewelry. Have a whistle attached to dog tags (cannot get on any military aircraft without), and a good sturdy knife.

Last report was that 90% acute care ... miles long waiting for any care.

As time goes on, as you know, disease entities will change.

Probably looking to go out the first or second week of February. I'm going thru all my gear and streamlining as best as I can. The teams already on the ground have not seen a room with a roof yet. They are sleeping on grass on the embassy lawn ... bottled water and mres ... that's it. Total self-sufficiency.

Will keep you posted.

JC Refuge:
Today's update from Dr. Ducey:

Two members of my team are finishing their first week in Haiti.
One is a surgeon overwhelmed with trauma, c-sections, gunshot wounds, and fractures of femurs and pelvics.
The other is a pediatrician. They just found a four-year old with bilateral femur fractures that have not been treated in two weeks.
Our DMAT teams have seen over 17000 visits so far.

Dr D


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