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Our Saferoom Gets BLASTED!

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JC Refuge:
Several months ago, The Weather Channel got ahold on one of our builder's saferooms for some heavy-duty abuse in the name of TV drama. It was actually pretty cool stuff.

At long last, the new program debuts January 24 on The Weather Channel. It's called "Weather Proof."

The "abuse" is documented in two stages ...

1. Our builder anchored the saferoom to the ground as it is normally done. The show's producers acquired a rocket car and anchored that to the ground several yards away. The afterburners were fired up and produced a blast of wind exceeding 300mph. Boom!

See the clip here:

2. Then, a garage was built up around the saferoom. In an effort to simulate a worst-case scenario, a car was hurled into and through the front of the garage, into the side of the saferoom, igniting a natural-gas explosion and fire. Boom!

Here's that clip:

After all was said and done, the total damage to the saferoom, which is constructed the same as our shelters and saferooms--a few scorch marks on the outside of the shelter from the explosion and fire.


The spinning car and the gas line explosion and the safe room sitting there like it had some kind of invisible force field around it like the Mothership in Independence Day...

Pretty cool!

That's the kind of publicity you hope for. Congratulations.

JC Refuge:
Not a scratch on that shelter. Very much like the customer who rode out Katrina in his above-ground shelter, as the eyewall passed through twice.

Safe Castle, when I build my BOL, you guys are getting a call.  Great products!!


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