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International shipping query


Hey guys

Just wondered if you can ship to the UK, specifically Mountain House products as they're a bi*ch to find here!?

Any ideas of some example shipping prices?

If not, could I order with my CC and get it shipped to my work's HQ in MN or would I need my colleague in MN to order it on his CC?

Also, if you will ship to the UK, can I claim the membership deal via the Members Support Brigade if I'm not a US/Canadian citizen?

Thanks :)

JC Refuge:
Hi TCM.  I wish I could give you positive answers. But we can only ship to U.S. addresses for most of our MH foods. (We do also ship certain foods to Canada addresses, as we have a distributor there in country who navigates all those myriad Canadian laws and re-labeling requirements there for some of the MH varieties.)

As for shipping to your company in the USA, we should not have any issues with charging your CC with UK billing address, as long as the shipping address is here in the USA. I would caution you that you be sure you know you can get the food from here into the UK. Foods shipped or carried internationally is not usually a straightforward deal. I don't specifically know UK import//customs laws with regard to food, but I would suggest you look into it before placing your order. We cannot be responsible if Customs seizes the food after it is delivered to your US shipping address and you try to get it from there into the UK.

Thanks for that :)

I can get the goods shipped securely via my work so it (hopefully!) won't be a problem.


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