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Question on Future Essentials Dry Soups


So I found this little item on the SC site

12 different cans/varieties per case, packed with Oxygen Absorbers and Desiccant Packs to ensure that these stay moisture and oxygen free for many, many years. Extremely long shelf life! Almost 7 pounds of the most popular and nutritious Dry Soup Mixes per case – JUST ADD WATER!!

Vegetable Beef Soup, 10.3 oz
Bac'n Split Pea Soup, 11.25 oz
Hearty Tomato Soup, 8.85 oz
Beef Barley Soup, 9.45 oz
Pasta & Bean Tuscany Soup, 8.8 oz
Garden Vegetable Soup, 7.55 oz
Complete Chili Soup, 8.55 oz
Creamy Brown & Wild Rice Soup, 9.7 oz
Dutch Chick'n Corn Noodle Soup, 6.55 oz
Cream of Broccoli Soup, 10.35 oz
French Onion Soup, 9.35 oz
Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup, 9.85 oz

Price under a hundred bucks with my buyers club discount.  Here is my question though, I can't read the labels on the site.  I don't need the full riot act but roughly how many servings does each can make and how many calories per serving.  I am sure they are all different but a ball park figure would be great,

JC Refuge:
Good question.  I will update the listing, but here is your answer:

On the Dry Soups Mixes, they consider a single serving of dry mix and 2-1/2 cups of water a serving for one person.  The water to mix ratio changes a little bit on each different soup, but for the most part there is between 10 and 12 servings per can.  So, a can should easily feed a family of 5 or 6 two meals. 

The beauty of dry mixes are that you A) don’t pay for all the size and shipping weight if the water was added, and B) once rehydrated, everything (vegetables, rice, noodles, meat, etc) will increase in size, so it takes up a lot less space in storage.

Thanks for pointing out our oversight on that listing.

JC Refuge:
BTW, if you right-click and "view image" on those images of the soup labels in the listing, you'll get a larger view of those labels to where you should be able to read them.

Thanks JC,

On the images you may want to link them to their roots like a thumbnail, I did not realize they were sized down with HTML commands.  They are easier to read in full still tough.

I would add the information you provided here to the text in the listing, I am now off to buy a case.  That is a great value indeed.  My concern was with a #300 can we are talking about the size of a big can of tomatoes in the store so I wasn't sure how much the net result was. 

Call it 10 servings a can so those small cans at the store are 1 serving.  Hence 10 x 12 = 120 cans in volume for 97 dollars.  That is 80 cents a can of store bought soup.  No add a 7 year shelf life and only taking up the space of 12 cans and it is a damn solid deal and a good adjunct to my storage. 

Now get this folks my buyers club membership drops the price to 78 bucks!

Net cost per "can" now, 65 cents!

One buy saves me 19 dollars of that 29 dollar membership and remember join the MSB and get that membership for free.  In fact I am buying two cases of this stuff, that is one solid deal.  JC make sure you add this information to the listing, trust me it is a solid deal and people need to see value to understand it.


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