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2-for-1 MRE Tray Sale - thru 12/31 Only


JC Refuge:
Our favorite storage food distributor just presented us with another great, limited-time offer (thru Dec. 31 Only)

We have not been able to offer quality, worthwhile MREs at Safecastle for maybe a couple of years now. So when we were asked if our members would perhaps be interested in these, we jumped at the chance.


These are MRE Tray packs, 2008 and 2009 production. They are suited to feeding larger groups and families--most trays feed 18+ people per tray.

We are offering 11 different varieties, but for some of them, quantities are very limited. So if you are interested, please act quickly for the best selection. Come January 1, these will no longer be available here.

And the price? We're basically giving these away to our members with little or no margin here. Get TWO TRAYS of any available variety for $28! Free shipping to the lower 48 of course. Work the numbers--that's 78-cents per meal!

These trays, if stored properly will be good for up to 10 more years (store them cold and they'll be good for a lot longer).

Meals, Ready to Eat. They'll taste best if heated first, but you do what you have to, right?


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