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Canned Emergency-Storage Culinary Herb Seeds Can

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for agreeing to come here and answer our questions. 

I had a question about the "Canned Emergency-Storage Culinary Herb Seeds Can".  I was just curious if all the herbs in the can can be grown in pretty much any zone or just some in certain zones. Obviously, if grown indoors then it basically doesn't matter. Although that brings up another question. Can all these be grown indoors? Which are perennials? Thank you so much

JC Refuge:
Hi Roswell. Thanks for the welcome and the tough questions.  :-\

The culinary herb seeds are new and so I am not really up to speed on them enough to respond authoritatively. But now I will learn more, just as you will, when we get answers from our supplier. I'll respond here when I hear back from them.

Thank you I appreciate your looking into it. I do a lot of cooking and grow a couple of the mainstay herbs, but there were a couple in that can that made recipes start popping into my head. mmmmmmmm

JC Refuge:
Sorry for the delay, Roswell. I finally coaxed a response out of my supplier:

The good thing about herbs is that they are very hardy and do well in almost all climates.  They are almost like weeds in that way.  As far as growing them indoors, they do very well grown that way.  I have known several people over the years who have kept a mini herb garden in their kitchen window.
As far as which ones are perennials, they all are accept for the basils, dill, and parsley.  The basils are annual, dill is annual and parsley is a biennial.
I hope this answers the question.  Let me know if you have any more and I will try to respond more quickly.

Yes, I think it does. Thank you for getting my question answered and for such a speedy response.


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