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PX-777, inexpensive handheld radio fro new Hams

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I recently ordered a Puxing PX-777 handheld 2m radio off Ebay. It was @ $70 with shipping. It seems like a good radio for a beginner. It's light weight, small, and relatively easy to program. It has good sound on receive and transmit.

You can also program the MURS frequencies in them, but you have to have it set on low power to use it "technically" since MURS is limited to 3 watts. I think I will be ordering a few more as I can for the rest of the family to use on MURS for a backup comm system since they don't seem to be too interested in getting their Ham licenses.

Just thought I'd pass on info about a good deal when I found one.

I agree, they are decent inexpensive radios with a lot of features. Been testing out a pair for the last few weeks. I am working out a deal with an importer now to offer them for sale at my website. (PM me if interested and I'll see if I can put together a TSP group buy on the PC-777 PLUS.)

- Rob

FYI: The PX-777 *PLUS* is the only version that is FCC approved and is allowed to be imported to the US. Approval isn't necessary for ham use but is required for other frequencies.

Still have a few more spots in the group buy available. PM me if interested.

GOOD SITE - Operational Notes for the Puxing PX-777:

- Rob

Link to radio info:

Seems like its $80 total on ebay - (53+17 shipping, etc.) - Is that the lowest anyone has found for one?


--- Quote from: WoG on October 30, 2009, 09:41:36 AM ---Seems like its $80 total on ebay - (53+17 shipping, etc.) - Is that the lowest anyone has found for one?

--- End quote ---

Be careful ordering the ones off eBay. Most of them are not FCC certified. For a couple of bucks more you can find one that is and not have to worry about it getting confiscated when it passes through US customs as most ship from China. (This is a rare occurrence but it could happen.) Only FCC certified radios may be legally imported even though they can be used for amateur radio with no problem once they arrive. Your choice, just friendly information.  ;)

~ 6


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