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Help, can't understand my new oven!

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--- Quote from: Gamer on August 15, 2020, 05:03:56 AM ---Another problem I've run into is that standard 400g cans of food are too big for me! (Irish stew, Stewed steak, Minced beef, fruit etc).
That means my tummy is quite comfortable with eating only half the can, so I have to put the can containing the other half in the fridge to eat another day, but it says on the can that "Once opened, consume contents within 2/3 days"
Problem is I usually don't want to consume the rest for another week or so!
Is there any way to extend its life to say 7 days or more?
Ideally, small 200g cans would be great for me but most stuff comes in 400g's.

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WHen I cook, I end up with bigger quantities than this, and I am one person.  Basic solution is to change habits, so eat the other half of the can next day, then dont eat it again for a while.  I might have Indian food week, then Italian week due to this.  so, just having 2 servings isnt too bad.  Habit while I was raising a family is whatever we had for dinner that night was also lunch the next day, then it would be gone.  That would work well for you

Preserving.  I was taught not to store food in the cans, take it out of the can and put in a jar or something to store in the fridge.  If you heat the food every few days it will keep longer, this is especially needed for beans, they will keep all week in the fridge but only if reboiled every day or two.  You could also try freezing.  I do this with leftover pasta sauce, homemade pesto, some soups, etc... then it can be eaten a few weeks later.  You could also re-can, you would need a pressure canner for that, but you can take a case of your favorite, open them all, put in smaller single serving jars and pressure can


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