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Help, can't understand my new oven!

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--- Quote from: Gamer on March 30, 2020, 07:53:46 AM ---Thanks muchachos, like I said this cooking business is more complicated than I thought.. :-\
For example something else has just come up- I recently bought a couple of loaves of bread and popped them in the fridge so they'd keep longer, but now I've seen on the net that putting bread in the fridge is the worst thing you can do because it makes it go off quicker, groan...

--- End quote ---

Put the sliced bread in the freezer, then just take out 2 frozen slices when you go to make a sandwich, set them on a plate seperate for a short time, while you putter around the kitchen, make your sandwich,  For some breads, it thaws all the way by the time you finish construting your sandwich.  Obviously, the slices can also go straight from freezer to toaster ( or toaster oven) for your morning toast.

If bread is in a freezer too long, it can get freezer burn, but generally I think most people use it in time. Beats leaving it on the counter to mold.  And, even the refrigerator will keep it from molding compared to on the counter.  Of course, the best tasting bread is never cooled by either and eaten right away, but a single person at home isnt going thru it fast enough in most cases.  So, for in the freeser, use a twist tie or better double twist tie to keep more air out of the bag.  If you bought an extra loaf, put a second bread bag ( the one you saved from a previous loaf, you save those, right ? ) over the first, and again twist tie the opening, so it is double bagged, this will keep it longer.

and after being thawed, through it in the convection oven for a while. it will become fresh-like

BTW, I store my loafs the way mountainmoma said..

Thanks everybody, I'm saving your sage advice in my files.. ;D

A couple more points-
1- I know you told me earlier that fan-assisted oven cooking is better than non-fan because it's more efficient, so why do cooking instructions on the wrappers give us a choice of fan-assisted or non-fan?
I mean, why on earth would we want to use non-fan if it's less efficient?
PS- You also told me that some foods don't like fans because they might get scorched or something, but how do we know which food types they are; will it say on the wrapper "don't use fan"?

2- In the event of an apocalyptic longterm power failure, can we eat food cold straight out of the cans, or will it upset our tummies?
And are there are types of food that we definitely should NOT eat cold and uncooked such as sausages or bacon etc for the same reason? 

Another problem I've run into is that standard 400g cans of food are too big for me! (Irish stew, Stewed steak, Minced beef, fruit etc).
That means my tummy is quite comfortable with eating only half the can, so I have to put the can containing the other half in the fridge to eat another day, but it says on the can that "Once opened, consume contents within 2/3 days"
Problem is I usually don't want to consume the rest for another week or so!
Is there any way to extend its life to say 7 days or more?
Ideally, small 200g cans would be great for me but most stuff comes in 400g's.

Try to find a plastic cover to fit the can. Not sure the diameter of your cans, I changed region to UK on Amazon and found these.


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