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nap... a good idea.... zzzzzzz

David in MN:
I immediately recognized this as the first step of martial law, donned gas masks, and retreated to my bunker.

Honestly I didn't notice. The page didn't load when I spun up the laptop but I was too busy stripping the stain off my deck to be disappointed.

These things will happen. All things manmade fail from time to time.

Mr. Bill:
Archer and I plan to reboot both of Jack's servers on Monday 1/15/18 some time between 9:45 AM and 12 noon Pacific time.

This will affect
and a few other sites.

Normally this causes only a few minutes of outage, during which you'll receive nothing at all (not even an error message) from the websites hosted on that server.  So don't panic. 8)

is it time to panic yet? oh wait, i'm not allowed to panic..

Mr. Bill:
You may not panic.  That's my job.


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