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Thanks everyone for the good comments.

I am still nursing a torn calf muscle that keeps tightening on me when I walk more than a mile, even slowly. I feel like I need to take a complete week off of no workouts and then try again. *sigh*

It is hell growing old.

Agreeing with some of the others.  Bodies are built in the kitchen and refined in the gym.

There's a great video on YouTube that shows one man eating a pizza and a soda while the guy next to him runs on the treadmill.  Each calls out the number of calories consumed or burned.  Pizza Guy calls out "300!" while Treadmill Guy gasps "75!"  And he's running WAY faster than most of us ever would.

Having said that, weight lifting (as well as body weight exercises like squats, pushups and pullups) increase muscle mass, and that makes your body burn more calories while at rest.  The effect of cardio is basically while you're doing it and tapers off very quickly.  Lifting burns for most of the day.

One thing I used to do before I hurt my shoulder that was kind of fun was load up my ruck with 60-70lbs of random crap, and set the incline on my $10 garage sale treadmill and "hike" for a while. I was thinking along the same lines as you.. what if I need to do this...

This way you don't have to look like a tactical dork hiking around your neighborhood!

Of course if you access to wilderness, going for some day hikes would probably be preferable. I think hiking is a great way to get in shape, at least legs and cardio anyway.

Jim if you're still hurting consider 'active rest'. It's doing something active that isn't normally in your workout routine. Lots of football players will spend time in the pool for a day of active rest... it's not their normal workout but they're still doing something.

If your calf is prohibiting you from working out then I would strongly suggest you take it easy and learn a lesson from this. Don't overextend yourself. You said yourself it's been a long time. Take your time getting back into this and don't overdo it. A pool might be a great way for you to get some good workouts in without all of the stress that walking/hiking places on your body. I've done some water aerobics classes and some of them are tough. Sweating in water sucks but it's a great way to workout.


I see from your profile that you are in Houston. I have researched that area a bit because I have considered spending time down south someday assuming I make it to retirement. I happen to know that Texas has some good surf and you are close to Galveston and other places. That is one reason why I would consider Texas to spend time in retirement - because there is surf

 Surfing is hands down the best sport in the world and way more fun than any of the other lame sports out there with coaches treating you like you are in boot camp or screwing up your knees running. I don't care what anyone says, they can go ahead and do whatever they want, I am headed for the beach with my board as soon as the temps around here get into the 50's. Exercise should be fun, and all that stuff at the gym sounds pretty monotonous to me .. Once you learn to surf, you can then head to better breaks in Mexico or Central America. Surfers have a word for what surf makes you feel like: "Stoked" .. Other sports don't have that ..
Surfing is great exercise and the salt water is good for you .. You may still need to do some other types of warm ups .. My neck or shoulders sometimes get stiff from all the paddling and I have to do kung fu or thai chi exercises to work out the stiffness ..

 Also SUP (stand up paddleboarding), a type of surf board .. is the fastest growing sport in the world. Those things tend to be harder to turn on a wave though

This is a picture of surf in Galveston. It is not hard to learn to surf, it just takes some time and you don't need to be a super athlete or anything .. If you are older, you may want a longboard .. I like longboards in general .. I never a rode shortboard


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