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sawtac msb discount?

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The website and items are COMPLETELY different!  Evidently I haven't looked in as long as Jack.

13 January:
I emailed SawTac and they said they are working on integrating a coupon/discount code option back into their checkout process. They created a new website a while back and that seemed to slip through the cracks. The person who emailed me said they had discounted most of their products until they can get a fix.

I just placed an order yesterday.  I didn't see any place to enter the code and added it to the notes.

I have emailed Jeff twice but haven't heard back.  I guess we'll see how it turns out.

BTW I also emailed a question about a month ago regarding some springfield XDm Magazines.  I never heard back on that either....

I placed my order on the 12th and still haven't gotten a response back from any of my emails nor have I received a package.

Their site and emails say to email jeff at sawtac.  Is that correct?

I'll see if I get a response on this last email.  If not I'll be reaching out to Jack.


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