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Hello All,

I recently purchased this Duet handheld 2m/440 from a friend practically brand new. So far I have really enjoyed it, and for the price (roughly $80-90 at a local Ham shop, but I paid $50) you really can't beat it.

It has some great points;

* Lightweight and very small
* Very cheap in price, but not quality so far
* Dual band - also allows you to listen to one while transmit on the other
* Has almost all the bells and whistles of other radios just like it
* Accessories are not priced to break the bank either
One con that I have found with it is that there is no auto repeater function. You have to program in the offsets. The only other thing is the manual programming takes a bit of getting used to, but it's that way with any radio. I have had a Yaesu FT-60R in the past, and to be honest with you, this Duet out performs it in more ways than one. Also, the Duet is the EXACT same radio as the higher priced Wouxun KG-UVD1...check out both the links provided.

Overall I think these are a great buy. A friend of mine that works for Homeland Security/OEM says that these are flying off the shelf and that all types of departments are using them. I also understand that these will have/already have FRS/GMRS radio service as well, although I don't use those and have not tested them myself. I am looking forward to trying some satellite work with it. Have any of you tried this radio? And yes, I am a HAM, I hold a General license.


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