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When to buy seed potatoes?

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Never have grown asparagus.  Like it, but have never grown it.

Honestly, I haven't grown anything recently, but have grown the simpler plants, like tomatoes, various peppers, onions, eggplants, strawberries, etc., in the past. 

Thank you for the information/assistance!

When we were buying seeds for our first garden we went to our local feed store and they gave us a copy of the Farmers Almanac. It is an abbreviated copy of the one you can buy, but it has planting dates for most things. So we followed that, it was a snap.

knight templar:
I get mine in the spring from the local garden center.

I always thought you put the potato in the ground and it would make other potatoes. I didn't know they had seeds you could buy. I am looking for seeds, but they do not have any at Wal-Mart. Do you think there would be some at Lowes? I am planning on starting a garden next year. Would love to have the seeds now.  :D

Does anyone know anything about growing pear trees?  Can the seeds taken out of the pear be used?  How many years until the first fruit? Any special needs?
As for the potatoes - does storage in a crisper harm them? Or, must they be kept cool & dry?


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