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When to buy seed potatoes?

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I have gardened before in the past (never on the scale I plan to starting next year).  However, I have never planted potatoes before.  When is the best time to purchase seed potatoes? 

I am planning on trying a trashcan or tire stack potato garden.  We will see how that works!

What part of the country are you in?

You're supposed to have them by October 1st.

This will definitely expose my ignorance, but will be the only way I can learn.

When you say by October 1, are you referring to a fall yield?

If so, when is a good time in the spring?  I am thinking that maybe getting them in the ground mid-late March.  Yes/no?

Thanks again!

You buy them in October, if you wait until spring, you won't find any.  You plant them in the spring when the ground is 45-50 degrees.  About 2 weeks before you plant them, you put them in a warm spot, (between 60-70 degrees) and in bright light.  Have you ever grown asparagus?


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