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Free compost coffee grounds from Starbucks

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As long as my veggies don't start tasting like their coffee
Ugh.....I didn't know it was possible to make coffee taste bad....until FiveBucks came along

LOL. I don't drink coffee, I love the smell, the taste does not stand up to the smell. The smell is false advertising as far as I am concerned.

Hmmm...I am such a Starbucks fiend I would probably eat the used grounds before I got them home.  I typically go through at least a pot of self-brewed Starbucks every day, in addition to stopping by there fairly frequently throughout my week.  Occasionally I will substitute Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee, but only if they add a shot or two of espresso.  Oh, and I can't forget all the Starbucks DoubleShots I get when I go into a convenience store, at least 2 a day.  I think may have a caffeine problem... ;D

Um yeah, maybe just a little caffeine problem. Make sure you take Jack's advice and stock up on coffee for when times get rough (or not). And with the increasing price of coffee, you might just save a few $..

Man, my wife brought another bag home and I got one yesterday.  This is like five bags this month, hopefully the compost pile doesn't turn into half coffee.  I need to get to a nearby stable for some straw and manure.

On another note, my compost pile isn't getting very hot yet.  I have plenty of brown in there (straw and shavings), but the middle is just warm.  It is about 3x3x4 and slightly wet.  I am thinking it may take a while for the bacteria to build up since it is a new pile?


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