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Grow the Best Tomatoes Booklet


Found this when I was looking for knitting patterns-

"Grow the Best Tomatoes"

For a limited time only, Storey is giving away this best-selling guide in a downloadable format. Download PDF

Cool, thanks!

It never hurts to add another book to the gardening library. ;D

Thanks for the post.  I am going to print this out and read it.

the part about suckering the plant. i would disagree with. i have a friend who suckers his plants and then plants them to increase the number of plants he has. he only buys two plants a year but after doing that he normally ends up with at least 20 producing plants.

A Pawn:
I just went to web page and they now have the "Jams, Jellies and More" offered as a free .PDF download!  8)


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