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yurt platform/land pics

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 The yurt has a type of reflective bubble wrap insulation which is not ideal but easy to put in and lightweight .. There are other more bulky and complicated insulation possibilities but I have not looked into it. The insulation and warmth is not a key feature of yurts but I don't go up there as much in the winter. If it reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, then that is sufficient so that I can heat the place up enough for me if I may spend a few days or a weekend up there now and then in the winter.

 I have a smaller jotul woodstove. It was light and easy for me to install. In fact I moved it all by myself with a little two wheeler. A larger stove would probably heat the place better. I sometimes use a kerosene heater for extra heat when it's really cold or to heat the place up faster in the morning but I only occasionally use that in the middle of the winter.

 I can also remove 2 feet of hardened icy snow off the roof just by heating the place up nice and warm for awhile and then sometimes by jabbing parts of the roof on the inside with a broom. Usually a crack forms and then the entire load of snow suddenly comes sliding off with a big swoosh! sound.

 The skylight adds alot of natural light to the place as well

Nice work!

Yurts are super simple homes but it does take some work to make them comfortable. Looks like you are well on your way!

I have seen these before and think they are really cool. That really looks nice.

I've enjoyed hearing about Surf's yurt adventures on here... it sounds like a great option for many folks...

 I am hoping to go to the yurt for my 10 day vacation at the end of May. There are some white water canoeing options in the area and a bunch of yogi vegetarians have an ashram down the road were the live with no electricity. I was up to the yurt a month ago and there was 3 or 4 feet of snow. I bought a new pair of snow shoes from Canada, my old pair Vermont tubs may need some repair. I have a truck camper now so I am a bit spoiled and have a few options but it is super quiet at the yurt and good for sleeping. I have very few neighbors but the house next to the yurt is pretty nice and it should be up for sale because my neighbor left the house and let the bank take it. It has 6 acres. If anyone is interested, send me a message and I can look into it.


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